Monday, April 17, 2017

Autofracture and Science

'I have hope in the future because [...] the indomitable human spirt, the people that tackle the impossible and won't give up, and inspire others. [...] And realize that togetherness is strength.' Jane Goodall at Climate One.

I'll be moving Autofracture or whatever Delaware C corp I and a co-founder(s) form to an advanced science and technology company that commercializes on consumer electronics. Consumer electronics seems the best vertical capable of exponential scale as there are 7B plus people on the planet. Advanced science and technology is the best long term intellectual capital investment able responsibility utilize deep-learning and new technology.

Functionally: looking at nanotech, specifically nano-electronics, solid state devices, electron charge transfer, fermi surfaces and electrochemical potential, among quantum physics, chemistry, thermodynamic processes, plasma and ion sources and catalysts.

Systematically: approach product creation holistically: how potential processes and products fit in to a zero waste, carbon negative closed system on Earth. I look to both linear and non-linear, dynamical systems: deep-learning, cellular automata, emergence, fractals, swarms, feedback loops, iteration, and convolution.

Ethically: design holistic dynamic systems that are always zero waste and carbon negative, in balance with Earth, both population, ecology, that is always (now and in the future) creating exponential net positive emergent benefits to all Earth's inhabitants. Seeking integrating said technology to encourage and foster positive bottoms-up tech community out-reach, building and sharing of knowledge. Seeking diversity in people and mindsets to buy leverage to reach long-term far beyond the present status-quo.

In short the mission is: exponentially scaling human and ecological potential though scientific advances.

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