Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I think therefor we compute.

Been thinking about what matters if we're all in a simulation. Is life meaningless? Often times when we run simulations, we do it to extract answers about specific questions, run on software that is more convenient to run in isolation. The answer to the question has some value in order to justify the setup of the virtual machine, or simulation if you will. It's possible we're just cute pets -- an anthill to the next simulation. It's also possible that we have some other value such as a natural resource of some kind. Possibly something expensive or rare.
This lead me to think what's the most rare thing in the simulation? Life or true love, or maybe it's really the shape of 'space' our universe occupies? Those are exceeding rare. If you follow that we compute not only tangible things like what is the distance to the moon on a given date, but create algorithms, and complex thought. Both of which could be the resource in question.
Of course there's no way to prove or even know if this is correct given our limited tools. Working on better tools that show a deeper and more complete understanding of physics, would be a start, and bio-lace would make this all faster.

Ah, life in a simulation.