Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Traffic and physics

I've spend a bunch of time in traffic. I've seen all kinds of weird traffic behavior in the 37K miles I've put on the bike. To me being in traffic is like a gigantic game of horizontal Tetris, with upgrade mode of interstitial distances and no Klein tunneling. 

The best speeds are when everyone is safely moving at nearly the same quick speed and keeping a safe distance from the next vehicle. For roads to convey the maximum amount of people or resources, the roads should be fully saturated. This is similar to the longest mean free path possible as in a metal.

Yes, while commuting I think about physics, otherwise I'd never get enough done.

Can we create a higher capacity metallic transport and contacts, and at what scale?

How do you go from states that are as random as people walking though a large mall to fully saturated freeways moving as fast as possible? 

Comfortable thinking in negative and positive surfaces? Interested in making better portable energy storage, or next-gen computers? Email me.

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